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KidlessKim is a childless by choice woman who had a great childhood, wonderful parents, and is greatly loved by her entire family including her parents, sisters, niece, nephews, aunts, uncles, cousins, grand- mothers, inlaws, and a host of really good lifetime friends. She is, however, perhaps loved the most by her husband of nearly a decade and her many cats. KidlessKim is a child advocate in that she deeply cares about the education, health, and welfare of the many children of the world in general, but perhaps more so for the children who seem to have been birthed but forgotten and lost within the adoption and foster care systems across the globe.

Although KidlessKim doesn't like to be subjected to “bratty” behavior any more than the next person, she firmly believes that “bad” kids are rare and that nearly all cases of bratty behavior are due to bad parenting and/or lazy parents. She resides on a ranch in a remote and rural area of The Appalachian Mountains and owns and operates a service related small business with her husband as well as a small, yet growing, cat rescue charity. Her sense of humor is known to all who know and love her and her goal in life is to make the world a better place whenever she can.

KidlessKim's Mother will always remain her biggest fan and was the first person to have ever read her work or to have encouraged her talent in writing. This book is dedicated to her Mother, from whom she inherited her unique style and brand of humor. 

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