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I Don't Hate Your Kids, I Hate YOU!


I Don't Hate Your Kids, I Hate YOU! is a comedic collection of rants in full length book format about entitle-minded, child led, and outright bad parenting in a kid-centric world as viewed through the lens of a childless member of “the village”, on the outside looking in. Finding the humor in most everything, KidlessKim rants on when she finds herself in a hurry and, “In Line Behind a WIC-Welfare Whore at Kroger”, sick and tired of what she considers exhibitionist behavior by the recent "nurse ins" of public breast feeding zealots in, “The Tit-Nazis-”Breast is Best” Brigade”, rolls her eyes in annoyance when a toddler is allowed to order his own lunch during busy restaurant hours in, “The Attachment Parenting Cult-Where EVERYTHING is “Child Led and Natural””, and takes a break to reflect on motherhood in, “The Most Important Job in the World!(a moment of debate).” 

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  • Written by: Kidlesskim
  • Pages: 135

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